(Gunfighter) Marta woke me up that night and she began to cry
She tried to tell me once before about another guy
She held a letter in her hand her body shook with fear
The man she left so long ago at last was riding here
Next day the dark eyed stranger came and called me to the yard
I'd picked up my rusty gun my blood was pounding hard
He said it let me ride away if I give up my wife
But if I chose to stay in draw it have to take my life
Gunfighter who is wrong or right
The man who fights to love or the man who loves to fight

I didn't want to fight the man and I didn't want to run
But slowly he began to count and I went for my gun
Then out of whip his hand lashed out so quick I couldn't see
Before I even touched my gun his bullet burdened me
I felt my strenght go leaking out my eyelids turned to red
I watched him aimed the second shot directly at my head
Just then I heard my Marta say gunfigter turn around
She raised my shotgun to her whip and blew him off to ground
Gunfighter who is wrong or right...
Gunfighter who is wrong or right...

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