Say it's still snowing and the lines're down
If you like pull yourself up the chair and sit down
You'll have to pardon me while I'll try to drink this down
It seems the warmest thing you left around
No I hadn't noticed that the fire was dead
I've been feelin' cold but I hadn't thought about that yet
By the way friend what time is it how long does it take a memory to drown
How long does it take for a love to die
How long till my feelings find a place for they can hide
All my friends say that time will bring me round
How long does it take a memory to drown
[ ac.guitar + harmonica ]
By the way do you know if the mail runs today
No I'm just watchin' for some bills that need to pay
No I don't know just why it is she's gone Lord he knows I've never done her wrong
Yes I know it's late you hate to leave this way
No thanks a lot girl but I guess I'd better stay
Won't you try me again some brighter day
Right now I've got these memories to drown
How long does it take...

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