I find myself between two worlds
Bewildered all to hell
Up north I have my mid-town life
Down here my new hotel
What kind of a dream is this
Ion't know where I will land
It's a Caribbean fairy tale
The snow has turned to sand

But he's happy
I understand
And thats the key
To my man

I'd like to have a clearer view
And listen to my hunches
Without the rum-lined Kinjan fog
Of a thousand planter's Punches
Iguess I'll have to let it go
And simply tag along
Just let myself get all caught up
Forget what's right or wrong
What kind of dream is this
That's causing me this strife
My husband's chasing windmills
And I'm still the nervous wife

Cause he's happy
And he's my man
What good's this key in my hand
Oh he's happy
I understand
And that's the key
To my man

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