Bimbo limbo is where i been.
I know you know it's been wearin' me thin.
Times are changing, and i think it's time.
I'm rearranging all the guilt in my mind.

I'm looking for a smart woman in a real short skirt,
A smart woman who knows how to flirt,
A smart woman, got a mind of her own,
A smart woman who'll take me home,
Take me home.

I'm not your macho kind of guy,
But i can be so when i'm feeling shy.
Hey, baby, where'd you get your good looks?
Ooh, babe, i want to carry your books.


Beauty and brains (beauty and brains),
The best of both worlds (best of both worlds)
I think i could change (think i could change)
If you'd be my, be my, be my girl.

Chorus twice

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