Widow Maker
Widow Maker
Were the words
So bright and big
Painted 'cross the bumper
Of a shiny rig

Billy Mack kissed Wanda Anne
and climbed into his rig
said he'd be back tuesday night
lets plan on something big

That big red diesel roared to life
and Bill was L.A. bound
Wheels were hummin' ??????
as he rolled outta town

20 hundred RPMs were showing on the ???
but no one knew
this was the last long ride for Billy Mack

Widow maker
Only Bill could understand
was to make a widow
outta pretty Wanda Anne

Just a few more miles
and Bill was on that mountain range
where dead ahead
a pickup full of kids blocked both the lanes

Bill hit the air
then he felt
his trailer slide and sway
and the pickup driver made no move
to help him clear the way

He just had time to think of Wanda
as he fought the wheel
Then Billy Mack was burried under
20 tons of steel

One life for ten
has always been
a diesel drivers code
Thats why Billy slung that Widow Maker off the road

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