Little sister a few months old
Died in the crib, it smelled so bad
Survived on the neighbor's milk you stole
Never knew mom and you never saw dad
Lost in foster home confusion
In your eyes, love's just an illusion
Defensive all your life
Wish I could make it all a lie
And say it's just okay
And make it go away

You, you can lay down, mama
Let me be your cover
Let me be your mother
You, you can break down
Cause I know that you can take it
Wish I could explain it
It's just this crazy life
It's just this crazy life

Just 18, had your first child
You were beaten, abused, and torn
Five years on when the paper's filed
Still you never knew when you were born
So, mama, tell me a bedtime story
Say a little prayer so not to worry
Make a wish up in the air
Just say a word and I'll be there
To make it all okay
To make it go away

[chorus 2x]

So sleep tight

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