Good Evening
[clears throat]
Ladies and gentlemen
I'd like to welcome everybody
Please take your seats
Please be seated
We have a great show lined up for everybody tonight
Special guest in the house tonight
Joe Budden, J.Garden
Let's... GO

A wise man said we all wear a mask
At times keepin it on is too much of a task
Your face on the net, and your life's on blast
It might slip off, you gotta give me a pass
Sometimes I feel like a mannequin
But how they dress me don't make me the man I am
Not a rose don't hamper him
They just lookin' at the clothes on a mannequin

[Verse 1:]
Look, look, look
I want the best cars and the best flow
I want the best broads that's how that go
I mean I want to be a star and collect dough
But even if I had it all it'd be just for show
I want the diamonds to make my neck glow {Yeah}
Lust for the next hoe a love will never let go {Talk to 'em! }
I want to run along from my shortcomings {BUT! }
But I smoke so my breath gonna be short running {OHH! }
I want to be in control, hands on
If I'm the pilot then we will never land wrong {NEVER! }
But I want to have faith, staying strong
Take the first step when I ain't got a leg to stand on
I got a lot to give but I want more
With numb thoughts, positive but I'm unsure
On the misplace, getaway and it's disarray
And ya'll don't know the man just what he put on display {OHH! }


[Verse 2:]
I'm too annoyed to cope, tryna make a livin
Given I don't think that being a dope boy is dope
Out of every story, only 2 end in glory
Who am I to think I'm different than every hustler before me?
If I took my anger, became a gangbanger
I would aim to aim my anger at every stranger
Shawty wanna leave, honestly I can't blame her
Say the ones you love the most are always in the most danger
I talk a little slower so you have to hear
Dead man walkin, no tatted tears
Or realest to ever do it, cavalier
Hundred thousand dollar car, with rabbit ears
I don't welcome change even if it help 'em gain
Fuck a handout, I'd rather be self contained
L.V everything, lookin' well arranged
Y'all would never know that I'm practicing self restrain


[Verse 3:]
I been different, never mind I'm just indifferent
Ain't an old timer that would blame it on a skin pigment
Is it my imagination or a slim figment?
Or is gent ignant, probably why I'm indignant
Look at haters like 'why is it an issue? '
Is it because I'm sober but I'm on a high they can't get to?
God? fightin with his pride and his pitbull
God I was lied as it get to
Cursin' God out "why he decide to pick dude? "
I big bulls but when I try it's abyssmal
Die and keepin everythin inside me a riddle
But they blinded by the condo size and it's sick view
Whys, try and answer the whys
What good is havin eyes when everything you look at you despise? {Can anybody hear me? }
Or do you need ears when you don't believe anything you hear?
Maybe it's just something in the air

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