Tell my mother I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt her
And even when I did, I didn't meant to take it further
Tell my father I love him, dada ect.
You used to give me advice like I pled the raw
I tried to find myself, but I was your replica
I mean, I only tried to be what you never was
Tell my older brother I'm bad at being a brother
I know I never told ya just how highly I think of ya
Tell my Grandmother Mi, she always been a friend to me
I would of visited more if I wasn't into me
Tell Tray I think his mother is an asshole
When you get older you might understand how that goes
Tell the hood I left, not for greed or wealth
I did it for my own sanity, to keep my health
I tried to bring a few with me, hoping we can cash in
But all they said I ain't do it in a timely fashion
Tell music she saved me when shit was adverse
My first love, I give my life so she can have hers
Tell my friends, each ones, they thought me how to be one
I owe to them, part of everything I've become
Tell fame I ain't want it, Now I keep it a hundred
I try my best to go and get it but a nigga fronted
So, I logged on it, living through torment
Tell cops I got warrants I don't warrant
Tell the therapist look I never thought I'll get here
Some body ask Luv why she didn't want to live here
So when this place is a lot of pride
Anyone thinking they know me, I apologize
Grandpa is 80 plus, still being strong
Tell the fake niggas keep on keeping on
Faithfully, tell anybody who hated me
Basically, All it ever did was motivated me
They say I'm difficult, so to put it simply
Tell the world I never cared it was against me
Tell God to be there in case I fall
Tell me fan I never tripped them, I always game them my all
Tell me girl, she put me through it
But if I had to go through it with anybody, I'm thankful it's her
Tell any member of my family
For too long I hide behind my insanity and got me caught up
And then somebody tell Currency I chased him to the death
I thought I catch'd the nigga and so I ran out of breath
Tell my bruises I'm fine, I'm good, I normally heel quick
Tell the rain, come down I need to feel it
I told a nigga, give me a hand but he wouldn't
I kept telling myself I can't, until I couldn't
If niggas want to kill me tell them I already died
Tell anybody that'll listen, I tried
Till the water ran dried
Tell the water get the fuck out me eyes
Tell the crust it tastes great but I'll much rather the pie
Ask success what I gotta do so succeeded
And tell my twin brothers I look at them like my seeds
Ya'll be the mouths I feed
If a nigga ever tell me how to rid myself of some of this greed
I tell them that I'm grown, really I ain't finish growing
Look, tell failure I ain't want to get to know him
Tell the stick up kids to come and get me
Tell Stereotypes, Look I tried them shits on, they didn't fit me
Tell who ever I wrong, I apologize
They tell me There's bumps on the road, still I gotta ride
They tell me I got a lot of pride
I tell them How the FUCK you gon tell me what I got inside
Then they wanna lecture a nigga
Tell me Life is what you make it
That's when I tell them I beg to differ... nigga

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