Racing time, it's now or never
Here we are, here forever
(You can eat our dust, we're playing ring around the world)

Nah, this ain't the story of a soldier
It's the story of a nigga they counted as being over
It's just the story of Joseph
A new birth, so if you counted me out
On one hand you understand me but still you had one hand free
I used to do this to feed my son and my family
Now you need those other 5 fingers, they might come in handy
Sprinkle your weed on your blunts
Got haters breaking world records for the most words eaten at once
Just getting out of my self's way, been a sucker to slavery
Fucked fear without a condom, had a baby named Bravery
Old head said, give em murder on the beats
And fuck going commercial, make commercial go me
If it's a hurdle I'm a leap, niggas ain't threats anyway
Odds ain't in my favor, but I'm taking bets anyway
Wasn't with me in the gym in Jersey, lost his team
But none of my shots touched the Nets anyway

Remember him, Jerz kid, new to some, old face
Fans matured, so did I, now my words,
Nerve of them doubting I, probably had no faith
Figured I'd be rapper after the fact that we're soul mates
Long ago I done been enlightening to ya'll
But they was getting fresh air when the writing was on the wall
Was fucked up a while, smoking 2 packs a day
But never mind that, rather talk about some accolades
Got rich twice, he got clean twice
Put hood bitches on covers of magazines twice
When they say it's play favorites, shit don't seem right
And my fans looking confused like fuck you mean he ain't nice?
I've stared death in the eyes without shades on
Blink once, open my eyes and they was gone
Ignore the chatter and my crabs in the bucket turned to lobster on the platter
None of you niggas matter

This here is the victory lap and yet I ain't even win
Where do I begin? How bout when they wouldn't let me in?
Won't address that setback, passed that shit
I got the blackball and behind the back passed that shit
Concerned with getting my pay up
Some never thought he'd be hot, figured I'd just lay up
But I don't take the easy shot, from the grimiest Tabernacle
My peers can respect this bad apple

Never thought we'd be back here right?
Never thought we'd be back, hold up
Let my guitars ride out
Just a moody motherfucker
That MME shit, we on it
If by chance I'm past my prime I'm tryna lap it

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