When the night falls, and the smoke clears
Millions of miles away, yet they so near
I remember memories, so I'm never lead astray
When tomorrow comes I know it's only due to yesterday
Without a boundary, check my latitute
New attitude, see I'm grateful for having grattitude
I'm not complacent, but got no regrets
Few hatin niggas want to see me regress
Deep breath, life is too short for me to be stressed
Interpret ice grillin and their way of sayin he's blessed
You wanna hate, I got my own show, be my guest
Remember doctors used to tell me I was depressed
At the time was dating a model with double d chest
Till I thought, then she laughed that shit off and said these's F's
Before I bought my first gun, was already armed
Teach you bout coof, little bit of class heavy charm
Used to get my laughs(?), for a nice chain, heavy charm
High school drop out, but went to every prom
Now everyone I went to high school with
They 30 years plus still on some high school shit
Seems like all the fly niggas, and bitches that was well off
Is junk head high niggas, all the bitches fell off
From surgery, rappin to niggas that never heard of me
Burglaries, dappin up niggas that want to murder me
If you close minded, I call that an emergency
Blind fold yourself as if there's nothin more to further see
Honestly that's absurd to me

If the sky is the limit then where is the urgency
I embrace life, I'm so carefree
I won't judge y'all if you don't care to be
Just know no matter who you are, the right system
Can turn a role player into a superstar
I'm talking rock bottom, a whole 'nother teir
Stuck in the moment made me move to a whole 'nother year
How'd I become straight forward, no baggage
Y'all can run from the past, I'ma make my way towards it
Nigga I remember stage fright
Back when I didn't know if I could rock the stage right
Who knew I'd end up being the nicest
My point, hard to come up short when shit is priceless
Hard to come up short when shit is priceless

I can't explain it, I just gotta embrace it
But something got me feeling this way
Instead of running, I'm waiting here for it
Cause nothin ever felt this great
I'm stuck in the moment
Stuck in the moment, the moment
Stuck in the moment, the moment
Stuck in the moment

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