Me and my uncle went a'riden down
From colorado west texas bound
We stopped over in santa fe
The part of being about half way.
Besides it was the hottest part of the day.

We led our ponies into a stall.
Went to a bar, boys.
Bought drinks for all.
Two days in the saddle, my body hurt,
And being summer, took off my shirt,
And tried to wash off some of that dusty dirt.

West texas cowboys, all over town,
With gold and silver, their loaded down.
Just in for round up
You know it seemed a shame
And so my uncle starts a friendly game
Hollow jack, the winner takes the game.

But from the beginning my uncle started to win.
Them texas cowboys they was mad as sin.
Some said he's cheatin'
Ah, but that can't be, because my uncle, well, he's as honest as me.
I'm about as honest as a denver man can be.

One of them cowboys, you know he started to draw.
I grabbed a bottle, slapped him on the jaw.
I had to shoot another now he won't grow old
In the confusion my uncle grabbed the gold.
We hightailed it down to mexico,
Mexico, went down to mexico.

God bless cowboys
God bless gold
God bless my uncle, god rest his soul
He taught me well, boys
He taught me all i know
Taught me so that i grabbed the gold
Left him lying there by the side of the road.

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