I try to hold on to the edge but I'm slipping away
I hope for something good, I hope for something strong
To overwhelm my confidence to help me save the day
To find the strength I've been hiding for so long

If we were meant to see the lives we break
If we were meant to feel the pain we cause
If we could only see what we've become
Then we'd be meant to clean the mess we've made

I hunt the wicked, I seek justice for all those in need
I break the evil and I stand for what is right
It's not vendetta, it's the only thing that's left to do
I will fight them, cause I'm the only one who can

See What we've become


Can I defend?
When I've lost myself
Yet I won't give in
I'll never give in
I will be the man you want me to be
Something more, something more than human

If we could see what we've become


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