Well it was down at old ranch eagle where i first ran across
That strange two wheel contraception that upset me in the dust
Simply got up and throwed me romped around upon my head
Shot straight up in lightning order so ike the ranch boss said

T'was a tenderfoot who rode it those wheelings so they say
For his help from new york city out to san francisco bay
He stopped by the ranch house to get himself a good square meal
Never dreamt us boys would monkey with his gosh darn wheel

Started in with arizona when he says to ike mcgill
I guess you found a limit to your bronco riding skill
He said ol' boy but you will find a different deal
When you throw your chaparritas around that gosh darn wheel

Well when he slurs upon my talent makes me madder than a mink
So i told him i would ride him for amusement of the chink
I said if you don't believe me just to get her by the snout
Put a rope around her muzzle and to lead the critter out

Well i done as i requested and i gave the word to go
I pushed the gas to start her and she wasn't very slow
The grade was kinda sloping from the ranch house to the creek
And i went-a tearing through there like a crazy lightning streak

All the boys they went to hollering stay with her uncle bill
Put your spurs in her shoulder turn her muzzle up the hil
Well i done as they requested but my plan it wouldn't wor
When my spurs went in it's shoulders my face went in the dirt

Well the next that i remember i was lying on the groun
Out in front of old ranch eagle with my comrades gathered around
They were putting peach tree poultices on my hide where it was ripped
Some of the boys said arizona you must have gotten whipped

Well i can take the wildest bronco from the wild and woolly west
I can rope him i can ride him let him do his level best
I can ride the toughest steer that ever wore a texas bran
And in any disagreement i can play a leading hand

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