Well God made man from a piece of clay and told him in his dying day
Said You're the boss I don't want no one above you
He gave him responsibility said you only answer unto Me
If you'll do these things I'll make someone to love you

He took a piece of Adam's rib never gave a thought about women's lib
And He made the masterpiece of His creation
Now just between you and me do you honestly believe
He wanted you to take my place in this nation

American woman why can't you agree
God made man for Himself but He made you for me
American woman why can't you understand
Now all you've got to do is love your all American man

Well I've tried my best to understand why you want to replace man
And give up all the luxuries we give you
We work our fingers to the bone and all we want is you at home
And you're gonna go to far to forgive you

Now I guess you want be satisfied till you're working 9 to 5
So you can say you're bringing home the bacon
Well of all the tragic things in life
Is a woman who don't want to be a wife
Missing all the love we could be making

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