Well he walked into the bar room ragged pants and an overcoat
When at first I saw him I thought he was a joke
When he started preaching I almost dropped my beer
I thought John The Baptist had walked in here

In his hand he held a bible and he had scary look
He could quote the scriptures without opening the book
He wasn't to good looking he wouldn't drive the ladies wild
But I'll have to say he damn sure had his style

He said heaven's almost big as Texa
Angels sing like Charley Pride
And I'll bet you'll say Jesus looks a lot like Waylon hoss
And when he plays there ain't no place to hide

Well he preached about ten minutes then he gave the alter call
Eighty old drunks and four barmaids have their backs to the wall
I held on to my barstool so hard my hands turned white
He looked like he knew where I was that night
He went out the back door and vanished into the night
It took a quart of Jim Bean to get me over the fright
I don't know where he was going and I didn't catch his name
But if I go to hell he won't be to blame
Cause he said
Yeah and when he plays there ain't no place to hide

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