[Verse 1:]
Yo This Game Is Old Men,I Cant Do This No More,Tired Of Frontin
Life Aint The Same
I Miss U,I Need U
Its Been Way 2 Long Since U Up & Gone
Am Madder Than Ever Coz U Wont Pick Up The Phone,
& Am Tired Of Acting Like I Aint Hurtin,
I Told U U Could Leave,
I Helped U Pack Ur Bags,
Who Knew That When U Left I'd Be Askin U Back,
It Aint About My Ego Coz I Hate 2 Lose,
But More Than That My Heart's Been Bruised

Life's 2 Hard Cant Even Breathe
Wherever U Are Reach Out 2 Me,
I Got This Chick That Chick,
But It Dont Matter Coz I Still Love The One That Got Away,
When Am In Need Of Your Kiss & Your Touch,
Gal Am Screaming I Miss U So Much,
I Got This House This Whip,
But It Dont Matter Coz You'r Still The One That Got Away

[Verse 2:]
Now Do I Ever Cross Your Mind,
U Know The Rest,
Try 2 Relax But Am Stressed,
Thoughts Of U Keep Me Pressed,
Holding Hands Stealing Kisses,
From The Park Making Wishes,
Now Am Twisted Trippin Try Like Hell 2 Fix It,
Girl I Gotta Get It Back 2 The Way It Was,
Back 2 The Happy Times,
Back When I Was Yours,Back When U Ware Mine

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