Oh yeah...

Yeah yeah yeah yeah


I'm not trying to pretend
I'm not for 1 to givin in
To do anything does to be your friend

Whatever you expect from me
Think of about it carefully
Before this relationship begins

Should i kiss
Should i tell
Should i act like someone else
Is it safe to be myself

All these things constantly knocking at my window
In a crowd of choices
Its obvious to me
That moral of this story is
That i make my own reality

I'm not trying to be cool
Or telling you what you should do
You gotta just find out for yourself

I only know whats right for me
The promises that i want to keep
But everyday it's something else

Should i drink
Should i smoke
Should i lie so i can go
To the party down the road

[Chorus 2x]

Nobody else can live my life
It's my decision
Nobody else can tell me

If i fit in
If i belong
If i look good enough
If this list goes on, and on, and on...
and on

[Chorus 2x]

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