We almost died
On our way to Toronto
The plane was shaking all around
I put my teeth in my heart
And my dreams
Back on the ground

We almost lived
In love
With each other
My heart was shaking all around
I put my teeth in a plane and i prayed
It would never
Come back down

My daddy said
"One thing you can count on
Is things will change."
And he was right
Though i never realized
It would be
The light fading from your eyes
And if we could re-live
All those wonderful times
Maybe i would appreciate you more

That's how it goes
Liking a tattoo
>From a crakerjack box
Put it on the wrist
And wish it was LSD
So I would melt myself into infinity
And recapture this lost humanity
Or even
Maybe turn into a crocodile
See ya later alligator

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