It's funny how you can miss someone,
even when they're sitting next to you.
So I profess that loneliness is not always by company cured.
The cats are in the windows,
dogs are at the doors,
the lamps are lit and the curtains being drawn,
but you're wanting his heart,
when I'm wanting yours.

But oh no, around you I forget behaviour,
but if I begged your pardon,
might I once again be in your favour?
And i know that I'm not the one of whom,
you think at night,
but I know I,
presume to think I made you think of me right now.

And every day the drudgery that lingers when the day is done for me.
I long to feel the quickening,
that anything from you to me can bring.
Actors never stop their acting,and a singer never has a thing to say,
but you're drawn to him,
so I get drawn away.

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