Ain't it strange
I worked so hard to bring joy to my life
But then there's days
That something just don't feel right inside
But see, i'm not complaining
I will reach my aims
I'm just contemplating
See, i was told
Anything i put my mind to i could do
But they made it known
Be careful what you wish for
It might come true
And now i'm far from home
Got my man and my baby boys on the phone
Feeling so alone

Despite it all
I'm in it for the long hall and i'm grateful
Despite it all
Even through the pitfalls i stand tall

When it rains it pours
Cause there were times
When there was nothing i could call my own
And i couldn't ignore
This pillar-to-post-life just can't go on no more
Had to knock down these doors
And go for what i'm longin for
There was more in store
They say blessed are those
Who struggle just do maintain day to day
And when you're feelin low
And nothing seems it's going your way
How could you know after these blows
You reap what you sow
The seeds will grow


Suddenly there were changes
I was my soul mate through the strangers
It caught me unprepared when he was sent to me
But i knew right then and there that we were meant to be
And then taht moment changed to daily life
I bore 2 sons and i became his wife
Part of me is still an artist living out a dream
Even though it's getting hard wouldn't want to leave
Cause this is my reality, this is my reality


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