It's only natural that things must change
Still i'm looking back all the same
To a time when the music we played
Came to life through the message conveyed
Now here's a matter of great concern
We're judging artists by the money they earn
It seems that for 9 out of 10
Music is just a means to an end, now tell me

Why, why, why can't we do it for the love
I know you gotta make a living somehow, but
Why, why, why can't we do it for love
Ain't trying to be holier than thou

We're addicted to the things we crave
A ship full of slaves transported on the airwaves
Like everybody's caught in a bind
The man got us waiting in line
Wanna get signed you gotta follow directions
Still divided up according to a complexion
The chosen few don't even have to sing
You got the looks that can pull the strings
It's almost like nothing's taboo
Consciousness is just a marketing tool
This music used to be our spiritual base
Now we just pick up the pace


There's enough in this world for everyone's needs
But there will never be enough for everyone's greed
Your career will be quick if you trying to get rich
Both will fall in the ditch

[chorus] (2x)

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