What truly makes
Life worth living
Is to love and to be loved
I never knew what was missing
I was just too blind to see
Then without rhyme or reason
And I thank the lord above
That I found you my baby
I can't say why
It felt so true
As if we'd known
Each other for years
When I laid my eyes on you
Nothing would be
The same for me
You stood out amongst
The who is who
With an air
About you so sincere
Knew I had
To make you my baby

You're my one in a million
You're like a dream come true
It can't be wrong
What I' feeling
See this is why
I got to talk to you

I remember
Our first hide away
And the moments
That we shared
All the little things
You used to say
To let me know
How much you care
It wasn't long
And you had me hooked
My whole world
Turned up side down
Couldn't be without my baby
Through the good
And through the bad
What we got
Has been here to stay
I never want to change
What we have
I don't care
What the people say
They say love
Can be missled
Then I'll be wrong
Till my dying day
Cause I will always
Love you, my baby


My world before
Was so incomplete
But how could I know
I never knew how
Joyous love could be
Until the day you came to me
And changed my life
That's when I knew you were my


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