Don't be too swift to love
Stay focused on yourself a while
This is what they used to say
But in time when it gets ruff
And you face so many trials
Seems nothing's there to light the way

Sometimes love can feel just like the misty rain
Flooding rivers that rage and can't be tamed
Must be love and it's growing stronger everyday
Falling softly yeah, yeah

Everything must take it's curse
Holding on and letting go
Do we decide or is it fate
Doubt will only make things worse
And there's so much that we don't know
When it comes to you don't you hesitate

Maybe love don't make the world go round
But it's love that makes the ride worthwhile
So let patience lead you until it's found
Cause we're all equipped to walk that mile
Said we're all equipped to walk that mile

[chorus] (2x)

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