She says I'm the one
That should save her
So when's
She gonna to pray?
She's spelling it out
I'm a failure
And I refuse today

She says I'm the one
That should save her
But now I've lost the way
I tell her
That nothing can save her
That she's already saved

She dwells
In this seamless amnesia
So when's
She gonna to pay?
And nothing
She says can apease her
So what you gonna say?
She says
That she does me a favor
By telling me the truth
But she's selling me
Out as a traitor
Now I got the proof

She says
She won't mind my behavoir
As long as I can bleed
After all
What's the good in a savior
If it doesn't fill your need?
She says
I'm a hell of a savior
So who's it gonna to save?
I feel sick
And I feel myself fail her
And I'm not even brave

She says I've got eyes
Eyes that impale her
And now she's just a slave
And it's always my fault
That I've failed her
I hold her like a grave
And she says
It's no good
That I've made her
The way she is today
And that I am the one
Who should save her
But I refuse to play

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