Deep inside I can feel our love is real
Deeper then deep
You've touched my soul and you
You made me whole
Just with a kiss
I've been hurt before now
I have close to the door
To all my pain
For a brand new start I need to
Open up my heart
Let love flow

Baby hold me
Touch me
Love me if you can
Hold me
Feel me
You make me smile again

I have to learn again
How to trust a man
And how to love
Don't turn your back on me in times
When it's hard for me
Just let it be


And hold me, touch me, love me if you can
Hold me, feel me, make me smile again

Oh since the day I met you
I think of nothing else
Give me all your love
Deeper than deep

Deep inside my soul
You can make me whole
Give me love


Refrein: baby hold me, touch me, love me if you can.....
Hold me! feel me! you make smile

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