Don't stop the music
We just gotta move
We missed a few cities, now
We gotta put 'em in the groove

Home in Chicago
Whoa, you're really jumpin'
Down in Baltimore
Tell me you're Foot Stompin'

People are really rockin' (rockin')
In Nashville, Tennessee
(Hip City!)
You wanna get in the groove, boy
You gotta come on with me

Clarksdale, Mississippi
Into Kansas City, town
(Hip City)
Dig them hip shakin', now
And what they're puttin' down

You oughta see 'em, h'uh
They move it
You oughta be with 'em
They groove it

You've got to feel that thing
In yo' feet
You gotta move yo' hips
With that beat

You gotta feel it, now
You gotta Fly high

Ooo, ah-ah-ah
(Fly high)
I wanna say

(sax & guitar instrumental)

<crowd clapping></crowd>

Hey, bring it on back, now
Yeah, we gotta move, St. Lou
(Hip City)
Chicks down there, now
They got to Boog-a-Loo

Now, when it comes to dancin'
I just had a ball
New York, Hip City
(Hip City)
King of 'em all


Don't put Detroit down
(No, never!)
It's the home of the Motown Sound
(Yeah, yeah!)

You've gotta feel it
(We feel it!)
You've gotta groove
(We're movin')

Gotta move it, now
(We're movin')
Feel it in your bones, boy
(We feel)

Gotta blow my horn
(Blow your horn, yeah!)

(sax &amp; instrumental to end)

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