1-Love is truely something
It's the one thing we can't live without
Makes your heart feel so unbreakable
Makes you think you're invincible

But you know love can hurt
So love me carefully
Just be true to me
Love me honestly
'Cause we know sometimes
Love can be done so painfully
So at the end of the day, all I want

Is you to love me
2-My past brought a ending
So this time around I'm asking and beggin' you please
Didn't think I'd ever love again
Then you came in my life
And you made everything seem right

Two hearts sharing something
So incredible, so unpredictable
I'll be there for you
I'll take care of you
So take care of me
You be there for me
Oh, so carefully
Then we can love each other faithfully

But we know, oh
Love me
Love me
At the end of the day for the rest of my life
Sometimes love can be done so painfully
Love me carefully, babyAll I want is for you to love me carefully, ooh, oh

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