She was a big boned gal
From southern alberta
You just couldn't call her Small
And you can bet every Saturday night
She'd be heading for the Legion hall

Put her blue dress on
And she'd curl her hair
Oh she's been waiting all Week
And with a bounce in her step
And a wiggle in her walk
She'd be swinging down the Street

You could tell she was ready
By the look in her eye
As she slipped in through the Crowd
She walked with grace
As she entered the place
Ya, the big boned gal was Proud

Hey hey the big boned gal
Ain't no doubt hse's a Natural
Shakin' and a'snakin'
And a'breakin' up across the Floor
Hey hey the big boned gal
Ain't no doubt she's a Natural
Reelin' and a'rockin'
And she's yelling out for More
Now people would come
From miles around
And gather there to dance
But when the big boned gal Came shufflin' in
She'd hold them in a trance

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