Hate and War - the Only Things We Got Today

An' If I Close My Eyes
They Will Not Go Away
You Have to Deal With It
It Is the Currency


The Hate of a Nation
A Million Miles From Home
An' Get War From the Junkies
Who Don't Like My Form

I'm Gonna Stay in the City
Even When the House Fall Down
I Don't Dream of a Holiday
When Hate An' War Come Around

Hate and War...

I Have the Will to Survive
I Cheat If I Can't Win
If Someone Locks Me Out
I Kick My Back In

An' If I Get Aggression
I Give It to Them Two Time Back
Every Day It's Just the Same
With Hate An' War On My Back

Hate and War - I Hate All the English
Hate and War - They're Just As Bad As Wops
Hate and War - I Hate All the Politeness
Hate and War - I Hate All the Cops

I Wanna Walk Down Any Street
Looking Like a Creep
I Don't Care If I Get Beat Up

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