They Cried the Tears, They Shed the Fears,
Up and Down the Land,
They Stole Guitars Or Used Guitars
- So the Tape Would Understand,
Without Even the Slightest Hope of a 1000 Sales
Just As If, As If There Was, a Hitsville Hit U.k.,
I Know the Boy Was All Alone, Til the Hitsville Hit U.k.

They Say True Talent Will Allways Emerge in Time,
When Lightening Hits Small Wonder -
Its Fast Rough Factory Trade,
No Expense Accounts, Or Lunch Discounts
Or Hypeing Up the Charts,
The Band Went In, 'n Knocked 'em Dead, in 2 Min. 59

- no Slimy Deals, With Smarmy Eels - in Hitsville U.k.
Lets Shake'n Say, We'll Operate - in Hitsville U.k.
The Mutants, Creeps and Musclemen,
Are Shaking Like a Leaf,
It Blows a Hole in the Radio,
When It Hasnt Sounded Good All Week,
A Mike'n Boom, in Your Living Room - in Hitsville U.k.
No Consumer Trials, Or A.o.r., in Hitsville U.k.,
Now the Boys and Girls Are Not Alone,
Now the Hitsville's Hit U.k.