Red pen
Writing a letter to a
Good friend
I'm lucky I've met her
She's dancing elephant
Hiding from the keepers that
Are working in the zoo

She's amazing
Good in jest
I've found my love now
Oh yes
It takes a lot to impress my girl
Cause she's my only world
The pen is red

A blue bus
I'm heading for the city
And I need gus
I can tell you he's not pretty
He's ugly, very ugly duck
Running 'round in circles
Chasing bubblegum on his tail

He's amazing
Good to fly
He's one of my best friends
I don't know why
It takes a lot to impress my friend
To make you smile again
The bus is blue

See the lightning
See the lightning
See the lightning
See the lightning

White calendar
Is talking to his neighbour
Like my friend, he surrender
I can see that he's not happy
You know there's a war going on
Bombing you is elephant
The elephant of the world

It's amazing how stupid people can be
Just imagine the people just like you and me
Takes a lot to impress the world
That you're my only girl, the pen is red

The bus is blue
The world is white
The pen is red

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