I need to talk to you
A word or two will do
Something I need to say
Before you wait too late
Why must you say you know
Why you obsess me so
How could i let you be
As much as you mean to me
And never let you know
I love you A to Z
I love you A to Z

No mistake about it
I can't write you out of my mind
I can't erase somebocy
For a safer need I may find
Don't think about it
If you would listen one time
I'd say it better
Love you to the letter

I see no reason to
Wander away from you
For I would only be
Leavin' you empty as me
And I believe in you
That's why I try like I do
I want to let you know
How hard it is to let go
And try to make you see
I love you A to Z
I love you A to Z

(Repeat Chorus)

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