I don't know what you want from me
Or what you think a love oughta be
I want somethin' that's open and strong
As the country this Road's movin' on
I want somethin' as wild and free
As the Rain that swells the streams in Springtime
I want somethin' you understand
To hold in my Heart,not in my Hand

From the Mountain to the Valley
From the Ocean to the Alley
From the Highway to the River
One Emotion to deliever
One Heart,one Way
One love to share but not to chain
That's Freedom

It's the Song of the Heart
It's a Place in the Mind,a light in the dark
That's freedom
It's a Reason to live
And after the Rain rekindle the spark
That's Freedom
It's a measure of trust
When love is alive it's tender and tough
That's Freedom
It's all love is about
This openin'up and lettin' it out
Let Freedom ring

I don't know why it takes so long
To remember what the World's doin wrong
Never wanted to shove my plan
On another who can't understand
All I want is a fast lane to
Where the Road across this plain won't take you
I want somethin',you understand
To make us stand proud as nothin' else can

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