Is it tomorrow yet?
Or still yesterday?
I must have nodded off
I hope that's okay
I lost my list of things to do
Does this kind of stuff ever happen to you?

I'm runnin' on a treadmill
Caught up in the rat race
Chokin' on the bullshit
Waitin' on payday
Livin' on TV
Dyin on the back page
And tryin' to dance with a foot in the grave

Lightin' a cigarette
Is this coffee break?
I've got to straighten up
I'm up for a raise
Some overtime might pull me through
You know what they say
It's something to do

(Repeat Chorus)

Cut the lace on this tight-fittin' shoe
Ship me out in a suitcase
Jesus save me from further abuse
Get me out of this place
I've got nothin' to lose

(Repeat Chorus)

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