There's a full moon up and rising and there's a whisper of a breeze
Blowing through the tangled silver hanging from the cuprss trees
There's a river made of moonlight flowing clear across the lake
And there's a million stars just waitin' to fall for any wish we make

Darling tonight I am reminded how much these two hearts need romance
You know it isn't all that often we get this kind of chance
Why don't we get caught in this moment be victims of sweet circumstance
Tonight I feel like all creation is asking us to dance

There'll be time enough tomorrow to get back to our daily bread
But there's something bout this evening that put this notion in my head
That heaven and the earth are meeting tonight upon this very spot
And all the things on earth worth having are things that we've already got

Darling tonight I am reminded...
Why don't we get caught in this moment...

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