She gets up an hour before she really wants to
Gets a half day's work done before the day begins
She makes a list of everything that everybody needs from her
And all that she did yesterday today she'll do again
She gets off to her job the school the bank and then the store
Then you're surprised cause she broken down as you walked in the door

Maybe she's human maybe she's got troubles too
Maybe she could stand to get away maybe she needs something new
Or maybe all she needs is someone just to see her point of view maybe that's you

After working late today she brings in bags of groceries
Bandages a skinned-up knee as the chicken starts to fry
She drops a glass the baby cries the phone rings that's when you walk in
Unloading all your problems and the worries on your mind
When you mention it's your boys' night out she tears you into shreds
And you just can't quite figure out why she gets so upset

Maybe she's human...

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