Well there's blue moon hangin' in a small town sky
Nobody's listenin' to the band night
Nobody feels like dancin' in this sad cafe
Oh but you and me baby we got somethin' to live for
One more step and we'll be out that door
I don't know where we're goin' but we're already on our way

The train is leavin' and it won't come back
We got oneway tickets on a oneway track
Nobody's gonna get their hands on the plans we nade
And nobody's gonna rain on our parade

Well there'a a red light blinking on an empty street
Church bells ringing in the dog day heat
The more we try to change things the more they stay the same
But there ain't no tellin' just what we'll find out past the city limit sign
There's a voice out there and I heard it callin' our names
The train is leavin'...
[ guitar ]
Well there ain't nobody don't need nobody
Couldn't be nobody don't see nobody nobody's gonna rain on our parade

The train is leavin'...
[ guitar ]
Oh oh the train is leavin'...

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