There was someone I used to love a long long time ago
He found someone before I had a chance to let him know

And every time I tried to get my heart to close that door
I'd think about what could have been and only love him more

I told a friend how sad I was that fate was so unfair
This perfect love that could have been my heart would never share

And not till summer came and went did her advice ring true
When I found out my heart was meant to fall in love with you

We never know what could have been but looking back we see
What could have been and never was was never meant to be
[ piano ]
I saw the one I used to love when I went out today
I said hello I met his wife then I was on my way

It may be luck it may be fate it may be God's design
I only know it's no mistake I'm yours and you are mine

We never know what could have been...

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