On the top of my desk mid the clutter and dust
Sits an old eight by ten black and white
It's one of my favorite pictures of us I'll carry with me all my life
I must have been about five or six
Mom's hair was still brown and dad's was still thick
But to look at it now sometimes I get scared
To think that someday they might not be there

Cause who's gonna know but me who'll help me recall those small memories
When I'm all that's left of this family of three who's gonna know but me

Down in the cellar under the steps sits an old box of junk that I've saved
Newspaper clippings letters and cards even some code-a-phone tapes
Slices of life I can hold in my hand and show to my kids so they might understand
In those years to come when they ask me some night
What grandma and grandpa used to be like

Cause who's gonna know but me...

If life were a video I could rewind
I'd go back and slow down each moment in time
Then I'd disconnect the fast forward button
So I'd have forever to tell 'em I love 'em
The older I get I can't get enough of 'em

Cause who's gonna know but me...

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