Here I am again
I've failed You Father I have sinned
I'm sad to see how very weak that I can be
Being made of flesh and blood
I know I grieve Your heart so much
I'm overwhelmed that You still care for me
And I don't want to wander from the truth
Oh God, whey do I do the things I do

Grace rain on me
Love surround me
Life restore me
Lord forgive me
Peace flow through me
Hope come to me
Faith embrace me
Lord, I'm at Your mercy

It only takes a moment's time
For me to somehow cross a line
Where I can wind up roaming in the dark
Satan is a liar, I know
He can start a fire
Then go tearing everything I have apart
And there's nothing that can take your love away
Oh dear Lord, all that I know to do is pray


Morning by morning
New mercies I see
Great is Your faithfulness
Lord unto me

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