I remember well, the way you found me in life
And find its strength
If god was love then why repay
I didn't understand
That you have never end
To ever have me see
One day of misery

And now I know
We broke your heart
The times we've not tell you apart
Oh lord, now I believe

Love was never meant to die
But still you gave your all to keep it alive
And I can't imagine why you gave your life for me
And I'll began to see
That your love has never meant to die

I lived through tragedies
Those days I couldn't see
Beyond my circumstance
I live my life their in your hands

And many nights go by
You know I'll ask you why
Things happen as they do
But I have learned they hurt you too

For it was never in your heart
To see me drowning in the dark
Oh god, I needed you

You've said that you ca heal those wounds
And I believe it's true
Cause I'm starting stronger
I'm gonna put my trust in you
With a constant yearning this flame keeps burning

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