I heard about the day You went away
You said You had to go prepare a place
And even though I've never seen Your face
I'm missing You
I lie awake tonight and I watch the sky
And I wish it didn't have to be so high
Cause I'm belonging on the other side
And I'm missing you

Cause somewhere behind those stars
Is Someone who belongs to me
And I know in my deepest heart
There's a place for You
Until I find the place You've made for me
Still I'm missing You

I dream about Your promise to return
And I wake up hanging on Your every word
But for now my feet are planted here on earth
So I'm missing You
And even while they say that I'm a fool
I know You see me waiting here for You
Oh and praying that somehow You'll get here soon
Cause I'm missing You


How much longer will it be
Till I get to see You
And though I know You're right here with me
Tell me when can I be there with you

Oh I'm missing You
Lord, I'm missing You

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