She was a fly beautiful mama, make my world turn
Round & round, her voice beautiful sounds
Met her on a sunny day late afternoon
Lookin' like the beautiful from my honey moon
I used to walk around under, her ventana
Open la ventana, open yo heart nana
We used to dream about, think about, fantasy about
Name of my kids, the never leave me lonely
Or I'll die slowly, brings back memories
When I said will you mary me, plus friends of me
Used to respect you, protect you, take you
Under an arm, yo anyone would love you
Even my moms, plus all the family tree
Treat u right, so we never had to fight
There I be lonely since the day u died
I never had a chance to say goodbye

When I told you nothing would replace you
The love you brought to me, babe I miss you
I never give my heart to another
You was my every need, my only lover
Play the players sometimes is dangerous
I used to play "now you're so nervous"
If you could forgive me for the things I've done
In my life baby you could bring back the sun
Cuz I cry in silence when you're not around
When I look our pictures album round & round
I used to be a nigga who played tenderness
Now I'm real, I'm a real gentleman
I ain't too proud to beg for the love of my life
For you I can make sacrifice
I'll leave for you, I'll lie for you, I'd die for you
I'll do anything to please you

Yo, even a B.Boy got a story confidential
Rock the mental, even though you know a man shall
Stay strong whatever, black whenever
We still together, anytime of day forever
Me and my boo, a true romance of nowadays
Everything around make me think of yesterday
When she passed away, I wanted, to end my life
With a blade ,God so many tears I shed
Now and forever, u lay, on a bed of flowers
And if I could I would come along on your journey
But I can't, gotta stay strong, stay with families
Caress every day, these every memories

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