1-2-3 I'm up to bat (it's trigger treach)
1-2-3 I'm up to bat (the punani don)
1-2-3 I'm up to bat (down with the naughty by nature)
1-2-3 I'm up to bat
Feel the force of the thump funk
Freak the streets, I figure
Picture, payback ain't a bitch
It's nasty nigga named trigger
A tisket, a tasket
Packs the ghetto bastard
All that shit sellin' like hot cakes and caskets
I'm slick, quick, flick like a photo, I'm mobile
I'll blast it, you get your ass bent like the bogle
I won't cross the street but I might
Me lay like half the way
And if the groove is far for me
I catch a cab to calloway
The wind blew, my buddha went to blast
But teddy was ready with his chair
So we rolled, and he pendergrass
That was some 19-naughty-7 shit, right
The rottin raskalz' throwin jam was gonna come leavin' dolomite

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