Huh yeah, huh
This is all live, and all real
Niggaz can't understand it
I don't know why they can't comprehend
Heh-heh, heh-heh

[diesel (fam)- {both}]
I got a rugged step-back, cruddy-bat-smackin type of style
Meanwhile flip a freestyle
You know what I mean now?
Cos I've been down and kept down
Now I'm comin up
Pack a strap for roughin up
Don't you think of runnin up
(this is the music, so just use it to your benefit
Shit don't hit the fam, my man, unless I stand in it
(so duck) what? (your face will get bucked up huh)
You've never been roughed up
(but I think it's up something)
All about income, so run your funds
Yo, we ain't the ones
(we are your friend with the nines)
Cos I get slick
(an' I get tough)
And we get rough
(so we gotta get) rough
(enough's enough, save the chatter
It don't matter
Knocked your grill and left, fam
Cause I'm a grand slam batter)
Who, when, why? what the fuck's up?
Give it up for the rugged rough
{and we them same guys
That snuffed guys on the last cut}

Get up, stand up
Chump, throw your hands up

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