One morning when you wake up all alone-what do you see?
For walls and for your troubles one less friend awakens thee
Just because you would rather wake up alone
Doesn't mean that another lover's the worst thing you've known

Did no one ever hold you when you cried when you were small?
So now you hold yourself up like a star-outshine us all
Pretty soon pretty face pretty out of touch
The kind of thing when you lose it don't miss it that much,
Not that much

Can't compete with you
Guess I'll be complete without you

One morning when you wake up wonder what
Will you do now
Free from despair you struggle for a cause
To now pursue
Never once did it cross your mind to see
That the author of happiness could be sad as me

Shed the old disguises-try your new luck on for size

One morning when you think you're all alone
Just wake me up.

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