You want to be alone
You've seen too much for one life
You're sickened by what was shown
You're tired from all the pain
It's so hard to not complain
But don't you see love breaks you open so you can heal again?

But this new love might fit you like a glove and
This One's On You
Say goodbye to the self you knew

You say that you've been burned
At least it feels like it's always your turn
And no surprise won't come back to bite you
As far as you're concerned
You're so much smarter ‘cuz you have seen
How messy love can be
Well we don't need no education to your kind of scene

But this new love...

Liberate your mind ­ it's easy now you'll find
Your heart can really fly
Look down and see those hills and towns
You know they're all on higher ground
You're finding what they've found

There's so much you could repair
But you don't care who you leave behind
In your sad affairs

But this new love...

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