Baby i don't understand
How just the touch of your hand can make me feel
Do you know just where you take me
Do you know how high you make me
I need your kiss
Like oxygen
With your arms warm around me
When your eyes look deep into me
It's unstoppable
Baby anything is possible
Chorus: everything i wanna be, any dream i wanna dream, i can
Because of your love.
Anywhere i ever go, with all of my heart i'll know
I am the man that i am,
Because of your love.
Don't know how i lived before you
Now i live to explore you
Take me girl, to your secret world.
Where i can swim in your deep blue passion
Where i can feel your love come crashing over me
Whether your right by my side or you and i are a million miles apart
I can always feel you in my heart.
Chorus 2x
Ohhhh baby
Because of your love

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