It was an April night and I was right
Then out on the town
The show was at the Palace
So we all went on down.

We all had a ball as I recall
But now it seems absurd
As the madness raged upon the stage
He didn't say a word.

He was a little weird and we all feared
He wasn't one of us
He didn't drink, he didn't smoke
And he didn't even cuss.

You'll see him now and then
With a bunch of men hanging 'round the sea
And I'm sure I would have liked him more
If he were a little more like me.

It was a Spring each day
The clouds were gray
Look like it might rain
We thought about the night before
I was so ashamed.

When I heard what they had done to him
Stranger I have known
But as drunk as we all got last night
It's a wonder we got home.

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