OoOo whatcu want?
Tell me now before your time is up
Back on the wall posted up
You look too damn good to be tryna front
OoOo where's your game?
Sure looks like you got something to say
Playing aorund I aint got all day
So come and take over me

Grab my left and my right hip
Keep on making me dip boy
Just go ahead and enjoy
Enjoy me so be about

Be about yours,Imma be about(mine)
I know what I want so don't waste your(time)
If you ain't tryna step to me or get with me don't even show your
face cause
I'm on a roll you can't hold me (back)
If you bring it on then I'm good with that(br>
Tonight don't play around cause If you bout yours then its going down

Yeah now you understandin
I know my looks was so demanding that you could'nt help yourself
You know its always better with someone else
When you 'moving baby making me wanna just get crazy
The way you handling yours I'm sure You'll have no problem grabbin

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